You don’t have to move to achieve a new look for your residential or commercial building. With the help of White Rock Painters, you can experience a completely new look when you get our exterior painting services for Surrey, BC.

Steps of Exterior Painting

Before we begin painting, you need to choose the perfect color. You can pick a color that matches neighborhood color patterns or that fits in with new trends. If you aren’t sure what color would work best for your home or business, ask us. We have painted hundreds of buildings, and we can give you advice and even show you pictures of colors we have used in the past.

Once you’ve picked the perfect palette, we’ll begin the following steps to paint your home:

  1. Wash walls and remove paint: In order to make sure the paint goes on smoothly, we clean every surface of the building’s exterior using a pressure washer to remove dirt, debris, and loose paint.
  2. Repair damages: Chipped brick, splintered wood, and cracked siding cause problems when painting. We go over the exterior surfaces to repair any damages.
  3. Prepare the surface: Before the paint goes on, we fill in any gaps or cracks with caulk to ensure a smooth application. We also prime areas that may be harder to cover, like stains.
  4. Paint: Finally, we paint the exterior of the home, covering all doors, windows, and light fixtures beforehand. We apply smooth coats and make sure the final result is pristine.

We make sure your home or building looks great after it receives its exterior paint job.

Reasons to Choose Us

As an experienced exterior painting contractor for Surrey, BC, we have painted hundreds of homes and offices. We have 28 years of experience and ensue customer satisfaction on every job.

Call us for a quote today at 604.275.4321.